Some side projects I’ve built over the years:

Broken Lifts of Berlin


Mastodon and Telegram bots that keep you up-to-date with the surprising number of broken lifts around Berlin’s S and U-Bahn networks

Daylight bots

A family of Mastodon bots that tweet about things like the sunrise, sunset, moon phase and hours of daylight in various places around the world



Want to walk the dog on the beach, and not sure if there’s enough time before the tide comes in? This single-purpose site will answer that question (assuming you’re planning a walk in St Bees). True, the appeal is a bit geographically-limited, but this is something that was thrown together to meet a family need (and might get extended to other locations in the future, who knows?)



Marching around the city waving banners and shouting protest slogans is a time-honoured Berlin tradition. At a loose end and want to protest about something? Protest-o-matic is a list of all the demonstrations taking place today that the Berliner Polizei know about