Hello, I'm Tim.

I’m a hands-on CTO and software engineering manager - if you need tech translated to business and vice-versa, that’s me.

These days I’m based in Berlin and work as Head of Engineering at Finleap.

I’ve got years of experience across the full software development lifecycle on front-end, mobile and backend projects. T-shaped people have one specialism - I’ve got three:

MANAGEMENT: I’ve got deep experience of implementing Agile processes into organisations alongside product and business experts, communicating with all levels from factory floor to C-suite. I’m good with clients, as well - I don’t do “sales”, but I look good in a suit, and I’m equally happy consulting in the boardroom or thrashing out details with techies.

TEAMS: I build and lead multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, both for projects and for permanent in-house teams. I’ve got a good practical understanding of how to get the best out of diverse groups – hiring, mentoring, coaching and occasionally (when reluctantly necessary) firing.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: I’ve got expert-level knowledge of software engineering practices with a strong emphasis on building and continuously deploying high-quality, maintainable, test-driven code. I’ve got expert knowledge of mobile development and backend tech such as Ruby & Node, schema-based and schema-less databases, devops such as AWS, Docker & Kubernetes, and designing and building standards-based APIs.

OTHER STUFF: I’m an author - I wrote “Pro iOS Table & Collection Views” and “Pro iOS Table Views” both published by Apress. I teach - Swift & iOS at the ReDI School, and internet and Linux systems to University undergraduates. I’m qualified - I hold an MBA & Prince II-certifications. I can speak real languages - I’m fluent in English, with rapidly-improving B2ish German.

A quick note to recruiters who’ve read this far: - thanks, but I’m really definitely TOTALLY not interested in UK-based roles. Even yours. Sorry :(