Living in Berlin, but gearing up for a move out of the city. I’m learning more than I ever thought I’d need to know about the way Germany does property finance, legal transactions, tax and so on. Also dreading what’s going to be involved in packing up and leaving a place we’ve lived in for nearly 10 years. Beyond that I’m strangely reluctant to commit details to the screen in case that somehow jinxes the whole process.


CPTO at Flagship Founders. Helping the team launch the next venture, and starting to think about the venture after that.


The Kindle backlog isn’t getting any smaller, because I haven’t been commuting for the last 4 years. I’m trying to add more German language into the mix, but it’s a balance between things that are too-far beyond my comprehension level which get me st I’ve, or things which are easy to read but not well-written. The first 3 entries in the “most recent” list: In Search Of Berlin; Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow; Wie Wir Wurden, Was Wir Sind


Yellowstone: not a single sympathetic character amongst them, but still oddly-compelling. Extraordinary - still funny, but disappointing by comparison to the 1st season. 3 Body Problem - honestly not sure if we’ll just end up forgetting about it.


Moving to Apple Music from Spotify. The difference between the apps is just enough to make things confusing, and I can’t find a way of extracting any kind of stats. If I could, Eddie Higgins would probably be near the top.


The various side projects of the last few years are still running, and there is still a huge list of dusty half-completed ideas lingering on GitHub. I’m still trying to figure out the best stack and processes and workflow for keeping this site more up to date.


I’m still not back at pre-Covid levels after most of a year. That could equally be aging-related, of course. I’m deliberately trying not to overdo it this time.

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