Some conference presentations that I’ve done over the years:

An Engineer’s Guide To Burnout And How To Hack It

GOTO Berlin 2019

link - slides

The tech industry is notorious for its masochistic approach to deadlines, workloads and hours spent toiling at the code face. The projects might ship, but what’s the long-term cost to our physical and mental health? It doesn’t have to be this way - in this session, Tim will draw from both practical experience of (just about) surviving death march projects and Proper Psychological Science to show how burnout happens, what causes it, and what we can do to survive.

Hacking Power and Politics – A Tech Leader’s Framework

Leaders in Tech, August 2019

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“What kind of coworker are you? Do you use your power and influence in the workplace like King Joffrey (Game of Thrones) or more like the Russian president? In August, a full house of technology leaders in Berlin convened for the second time this year at MHPLab for Leaders in Tech to explore these questions and their more serious counterparts. This time, the attendees came for Tim Duckett’s talk: “Hacking Power and Politics – A Tech Leader’s Framework” and to hear how other managers, CTOs, department heads, and engineering leads grapple with the challenges of organizing teams. Tim is the CTO at finleap, a fintech company builder, and brings years of experience as an engineer and a manager working in a variety of organizations to the topic.”

Web serving with AWS and continuous deployment

AWS User Group, Berlin: September 2019


This talk shows how AWS services can be combined with GitLab and static site generators such as Hugo to serve static HTML sites robustly and at minimum cost. It’s also a good example of how to combine multiple AWS services such as Cloudfront and Lambda functions to build more sophisticated features.

The Cowardly Test-o-phobe’s Guide to iOS Testing



45 minutes of convincing sceptical iOS engineers that testing doesn’t have to be scary, how to get started with testing an existing codebase, and some tools that you can take back to the office to use on Monday morning.