Weeknote 15

This is also doing service as Weeknotes 14. That was a short week due to Easter, so my excuse is that it didn’t warrant a full-scale post.

Having looked at a load of houses online, and then some offline, we made an insultingly low offer on one. To my utter surprise, it was accepted - I’d factored in the cost of replacing an oil-fuelled heating system with a heat pump into the equation but wasn’t expecting to get away with it. At the moment, that makes things seem cheap, or at least “good value” - the survey may yet thrown up horrors, though.

It’s involved a whole new set of vocabulary and figuring out how the sale and purchase process in Germany works. Costwise, i’s expensive overall compared to the UK, but it’s also a lot more streamlined and sensible. More or less what you’d expect from a country where houses are regarded as things to live in rather than machines to print money.

Property purchasing in an age of 360 video and Streetview is a lot easier than it used to be, however.

Although I’ve done most of the process so far in German, I wonder how well I’d manage if I didn’t live somewhere that most of the population under 40 are functionally fluent in my language. It feels somewhat like l’m mostly living life on the medium difficulty setting.