Weeknote 12

This isn’t the 12th edition of something - it’s just Kalendarwoche 12.

It was a short week, because I’ve been using up soon-to-expire holiday allowance by taking the last few Fridays off. This was the last one, because next week is holiday proper.

It felt like I spent the majority of the week interviewing - either on Zoom or in face-to-face workshops. The search for venture co-founders continues - not made any easier by the generally high standard of candidates. Very much a first-world kind of problem, but sometimes it make my contribution to the process easier if there was more variation.

I built (or more accurately, glued together) a lump of code that takes a Markdown file attached to an email and turns it into a post here. It’s all an elaborate hack to join together two disparate things - Bear, which I use as a notes app/filing system/outboard brain; and Hugo which builds these pages. The idea being to increase the volume of posts here by making it easily to, well, post.

A more rational approach would be to pick tools that work together, but I like both and have just enough skills to stick them together after a fashion.

Thanks to a 500€ bung from the city of Berlin, I put two solar panels on the roof of the garage.

Technically they should put out up to 800W; practically it’s a lot less than that due to a) Berlin weather and b) being on the east side of the house. There’s better locations I could move them to, but that would involve additional and potentially-awkward cabling.

That feels like a metaphor for something - the core of a solution works quite well, but the infrastructure needed to get the core into the right place is a lot harder.

Next week is also a short week, but is also proper vacation.