Many, many years ago there was an online service called Pummelvision.

You could connect your Flickr account (another name from many, many years ago) and it would create a 4-minute stop-motion style video from all the photos you’d taken during a year.

Seeing your year flash past one photo per second works a lot better in reality that you might expect.

Pummelvision, sadly, has long-since disappeared into history - but at some point I had the foresight to save the results somewhere with better longevity, and today I stumbled across them again.

It’s a snapshot of my life from a period beginning 20 years ago, and I wasn’t quite prepared for quite how -physical- the sudden blast of nostalgia would be.

The dogs have passed on, the kids are grown up, companies have folded, the hair is greyer, times are perhaps harder.

There are some good times locked up in those fleeting images, and it’s a shame the service isn’t around any more.