git rm cynicism && git commit && git push

I’ve been kicking around the tech industry for a very (too?) long time, so I’m pretty wizened and cynical by now. But every so often something comes along that makes me stop and think “ok, now THAT is useful / interesting / cool / all of the above”.

Deploying a service on Render from a Dockerfile takes 3 clicks - click to create a new service, click to save the URL of the file, click to deploy. Then it just works. HTTPS and everything.

I know we’re supposed to be cynical about tools that make infrastructure easy because we’re supposed to be keeping the gates and looking down on the Tumblr users, but this feels magic. Or if not exactly magic, that absence of friction that makes building things online exciting rather than effort.

I know it’s probably just the tail-end of zero-interest-rate venture capital hiding me from the marginal costs, but I’m inclined to enjoy it while it lasts.