Goodbye Delicious, hello Pinboard

I’ve got a ton of bookmarks stored in Delicious, but I’ve been getting increasingly ambivalent towards it as a service since Yahoo offloaded it to the ex-YouTubers.

The final straw came yesterday, when this blog got spammed by the Delicious autopost tool. It’s supposed to create a single blog post from the day’s links, but kept running and running - even after I’d gone into Delicious and killed the tool completely.

I’m not alone - the support forums are full of similar problems going back well over a year, and there’s zero response from Delicious themselves.¬†

So I’ve moved all my links over to Pinboard and tweaked the auto-posting so that every link creates a new post. I got that idea from Dan Williams - his links pop up one by one in Google Reader, which is a pattern that works for me.

As an aside, I just don’t get Yahoo as a company - their business model seems to be to buy cool services, then destroy the value of the investment by locking it in a cupboard and letting it slowly decay. I really hope that Flickr doesn’t face the same fate as Delicious.